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Faith of JesusFaith of JesusOswald Becca, Dec 24, 2016
Mechanic For LifeMechanic For LifeCharles George, Dec 17, 2016
Power of PrayerPower of PrayerRudy Salazar, Dec 10, 2016
Day LaborersDay LaborersPaul Hunt, Dec 3, 2016
Dont Drink The WineDont Drink The WineHinton Hall, Nov 26, 2016
GodGod's LoveCarl Pomare, Nov 12, 2016
The HeartThe HeartAlbert Lewis, Oct 29, 2016
A Working TemperatureA Working TemperatureCharles George, Oct 22, 2016
A Good StewardA Good StewardDawn Lewis, Oct 15, 2016
Health ReformHealth ReformOswald Becca, Oct 8, 2016
Sherlock Holmes Vs. Indiana jonesSherlock Holmes Vs. Indiana jonesAaron Hubbard, Oct 1, 2016
God Is GoodGod Is GoodCharles George, Sep 24, 2016
Where did Moses Go to SchoolWhere did Moses Go to SchoolQuincy Quinlan, Sep 17, 2016
Redemption & Dry BonesRedemption & Dry BonesSergio Lopez, Sep 10, 2016
True EducationTrue EducationOswald Becca, Sep 3, 2016
Journey Through the SanctuaryJourney Through the SanctuaryHinton Hall, Aug 27, 2016
The Lord Is My ShepherdThe Lord Is My ShepherdEnoc De La Cruz, Aug 13, 2016
The First AngelThe First Angel's MessageCharles George, Jul 23, 2016
The Christian WalkThe Christian WalkOswald Becca, Jul 2, 2016
The Hour of His JudgementThe Hour of His JudgementAlbert Lewis, Jun 18, 2016
ProbioticsProbioticsCharles George, Jun 11, 2016
Opportunity & MissionOpportunity & MissionOswald Becca, Jun 4, 2016
Take up Your CrossTake up Your CrossSamuel Vega, May 28, 2016
The Fruit of the Spirit - LongsufferingThe Fruit of the Spirit - LongsufferingKennedy Sikini, May 21, 2016
The Necessity For the BloodThe Necessity For the BloodHinton Hall, May 14, 2016
His Love, Your HeartHis Love, Your HeartDiahnne Demetrius, May 7, 2016
Strength in WeaknessStrength in WeaknessDavid Onsongo, Apr 30, 2016
HezekiahHezekiah's FaithOswald Becca, Apr 23, 2016
The Rules of Good StewardshipThe Rules of Good StewardshipRudy Salazar, Apr 16, 2016
Where Does your Wallet Say Your Heart Is? Where Does your Wallet Say Your Heart Is? Rudy Salazar, Apr 16, 2016
Fear God and Give Him GloryFear God and Give Him GloryAlbert Lewis, Apr 9, 2016
WitnessingWitnessingSamuel Vega, Apr 2, 2016
Will You Lead Us?Will You Lead Us?Samuel Vega, Mar 19, 2016
Ordinary People (Song)Ordinary People (Song)Lisa Vaughn , Mar 5, 2016
Open My Heart (Song)Open My Heart (Song)Lisa Vaughn, Mar 5, 2016
When God Has No ChoiceWhen God Has No ChoiceNadine Joseph, Mar 5, 2016
Praying in Faith (Afternoon session)Praying in Faith (Afternoon session)Nadine Joseph, Mar 5, 2016
HeatherHeather's Glasses (Children's Story)Ingrid Stanley, Mar 5, 2016
Loving the right WayLoving the right WayHinton Hall, Feb 27, 2016
One BodyOne BodySamuel Vega, Feb 20, 2016
Fill My Cup LordFill My Cup LordSamuel Vega, Feb 6, 2016
Accounting 101Accounting 101Oswald Becca, Jan 30, 2016
Judgment Free ZoneJudgment Free ZoneKennedy Sikini, Jan 23, 2016
Our Only HopeOur Only HopeAl Lewis, Jan 9, 2016
Setting GoalsSetting GoalsSamuel Vega, Jan 2, 2016
Watch YourselfWatch YourselfCharles George, Dec 26, 2015
Gold Frankincense MyrrhGold Frankincense MyrrhSamuel Vega, Dec 19, 2015
Celebrating ChristmasCelebrating ChristmasSamuel Vega, Dec 12, 2015
The Church IdentifiedThe Church IdentifiedHinton Hall, Nov 21, 2015
Mephibosheth, Grace for SurvivorsMephibosheth, Grace for SurvivorsWillard Dulanya, Nov 15, 2015
Coaching from a CrookCoaching from a CrookOswald Becca, Nov 7, 2015
By Beholding: The Avenues of the SoulBy Beholding: The Avenues of the SoulEsteban Cortez, Oct 3, 2015
ExodusExodusSamuel Vega, Sep 26, 2015
Feast DaysFeast DaysSamuel Vega, Sep 19, 2015
Health TalkHealth TalkEsteban Cortez, Sep 12, 2015
Am I a Good Neighbor?Am I a Good Neighbor?Esteban Cortez, Sep 12, 2015
Me and My HouseMe and My HouseSamuel Vega, Sep 5, 2015
By BeholdingBy BeholdingEsteban Cortez, Aug 29, 2015
CompassionCompassionSamuel Vega, Aug 22, 2015
First Love Renewed!First Love Renewed!Ruber Leal, Aug 15, 2015
UnityUnitySamuel Vega, Aug 8, 2015
The Dragon SpeaksThe Dragon SpeaksAl Lewis, Aug 1, 2015
EvangelismEvangelismSamuel Vega, Jul 25, 2015
MIA - Where Are You Adam?MIA - Where Are You Adam?Kenneth Green, Jun 27, 2015
Brothers and SistersBrothers and SistersSamuel Vega, Jun 20, 2015
The Chosen PeopleThe Chosen PeopleSamuel Vega, Jun 13, 2015
Stay to your PositionStay to your PositionSamuel Vega, Jun 6, 2015
Acounting 101Acounting 101Samuel Vega, May 30, 2015
I Thank GodI Thank GodAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
The PotterThe PotterAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
Live in HarmonyLive in HarmonyAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
Jesus TransformsJesus TransformsAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
Hiding in TheeHiding in TheeAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
Amazing GraceAmazing GraceAmani Choir, May 23, 2015
A Happy RelationshipA Happy RelationshipDavid Masese, May 23, 2015
Pass it OnPass it OnChildrens Choir, May 23, 2015
II've Got the JoyChildrens Choir, May 23, 2015
Sowing the SeedSowing the SeedKennedy Sikini, May 16, 2015
Near is not Good Enough!Near is not Good Enough!Hinton Hall, May 9, 2015
Handling DoubtsHandling DoubtsOswald Becca, May 2, 2015
WhatWhat's Your Excuse?Samuel Vega, Apr 25, 2015
Presence of the Holy SpiritPresence of the Holy SpiritCharles George, Apr 18, 2015
Are We There YetAre We There YetSamuel Vega, Apr 11, 2015
He Is RisenHe Is RisenSamuel Vega, Apr 4, 2015
Have it your wayHave it your waySamuel Vega, Mar 28, 2015
All or NothingAll or NothingSamuel Vega, Mar 21, 2015
CommunionCommunionSamuel Vega, Mar 14, 2015
Kiss Your SisterKiss Your SisterSamuel Vega, Mar 7, 2015
Living with Purpose = Living on PurposeLiving with Purpose = Living on PurposeSamuel vega, Feb 21, 2015
GodGod's LoveGerman Neal, Feb 14, 2015
Show Me Your IDShow Me Your IDSamuel Vega, Feb 7, 2015
More Than a BasicMore Than a BasicSamuel Vega, Jan 31, 2015
A New ResolutionA New ResolutionKennedy Sikini, Jan 24, 2015
Thy Kingdom ComeThy Kingdom ComeHinton Hall, Jan 17, 2015
Three Greatest Things that ever Happen to the Human RaceThree Greatest Things that ever Happen to the Human RaceLouis Myrthil, Jan 10, 2015
Who Are You?Who Are You?Oswald Becca, Jan 3, 2015
The Truth Behind ChristmasThe Truth Behind ChristmasMaurice Smith, Dec 27, 2014
Who Shall be able to StandWho Shall be able to StandGertrude Florent, Dec 20, 2014
What did You Say when God Asks?What did You Say when God Asks?Charles George, Dec 13, 2014
Quails and WailsQuails and WailsMaurice Smith, Nov 29, 2014
Finishing The RaceFinishing The RaceKennedy Sikini, Nov 22, 2014
Whose Image Are You ReflectingWhose Image Are You ReflectingHinton Hall, Nov 15, 2014
Healthy Loving RelationshipHealthy Loving RelationshipOswald Becca, Nov 8, 2014
MoreAbundantLifeMoreAbundantLifeCharles George, Nov 1, 2014
The Power of Faith in God The Power of Faith in God Hinton Hall, Oct 25, 2014
AmI Blind Too?AmI Blind Too?Ernst Nicanord, Oct 18, 2014
Build A BridgeBuild A BridgeKennedy Sikini, Oct 11, 2014
Jesus Chose You. Will You Choose Him Today?Jesus Chose You. Will You Choose Him Today?Louis Myrthil, Oct 4, 2014
What Have You Done?What Have You Done?Charles George, Sep 27, 2014
The Garden of DeathThe Garden of DeathStephen Kabah, Sep 20, 2014
Wait WatchersWait WatchersJoseph Astran, Sep 13, 2014
Take Up The MantleTake Up The MantleRandrick Chance, Sep 6, 2014
Dying To SelfDying To SelfRandrick Chance, Aug 30, 2014
EarthEarth's Final MovieKojo Twumasi, Aug 22, 2014
The Blueprint For My Body TempleThe Blueprint For My Body TempleKojo Twumasi, Aug 19, 2014
The Blueprint For Making it KnownThe Blueprint For Making it KnownKojo Twumasi, Aug 18, 2014
Revolution (1of2)Revolution (1of2)Kojo Twumasi, Aug 16, 2014
Revolution (2of2)Revolution (2of2)Kojo Twumasi, Aug 16, 2014
Jesus Christ Lord of the Sabbath (2)Jesus Christ Lord of the Sabbath (2)Kojo Twumasi, Aug 15, 2014
Jesus Christ Lord of the SabbathJesus Christ Lord of the SabbathKojo Twumasi, Aug 14, 2014
The Blueprint For A Better SocietyThe Blueprint For A Better SocietyKojo Twumasi, Aug 12, 2014
The Blueprint For U-TurnThe Blueprint For U-TurnKojo Twumasi, Aug 11, 2014
Who Is This Blueprint Made For?Who Is This Blueprint Made For?Kojo Twumasi, Aug 10, 2014
Jesus GodJesus God's Great BlueprintRandrick Chance, Aug 9, 2014
The Will To ChangeThe Will To ChangeRandrick Chance, Jul 26, 2014
Mind GamesMind GamesRandrick Chance, Jul 19, 2014
EuroclydonEuroclydonRandrick Chance, Jul 12, 2014
GodGod's Special PeopleHinton Hall, Jun 28, 2014
FaithFaithCharles George, Jun 21, 2014
Greatest Religious Cover Up (part 2)Greatest Religious Cover Up (part 2)Randrick Chance, Apr 19, 2014
Greatest Religious Cover Up (part 1)Greatest Religious Cover Up (part 1)Randrick Chance, Apr 19, 2014
Is Jesus Still ComingIs Jesus Still ComingRandrick Chance, Apr 12, 2014
Who IS Your DaddyWho IS Your DaddyChris Ernest, Mar 22, 2014
The Greatest Rescue MissionThe Greatest Rescue MissionRandrick Chance, Mar 15, 2014
Please, Deceive Me! (Part2)Please, Deceive Me! (Part2)Randrick Chance, Mar 8, 2014
Please, Deceive Me! (Part1)Please, Deceive Me! (Part1)Randrick Chance, Mar 8, 2014
Will the Real Lightbearers Please Stand UpWill the Real Lightbearers Please Stand UpRandrick Chance, Mar 1, 2014
Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 3)Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 3)Lisa Walker, Feb 22, 2014
Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 2)Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 2)Lisa Walker, Feb 22, 2014
Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 1)Healthy Marriage Seminar (part 1)Lisa Walker, Feb 22, 2014
Healthy MarriageHealthy MarriagePeter Walker, Feb 22, 2014
Rekindle The Flames of LoveRekindle The Flames of LoveRandrick Chance, Feb 15, 2014
Seeing as God SeesSeeing as God SeesR Chance, Jan 25, 2014
Encouragement From The ThroneEncouragement From The ThroneHinton Hall, Jan 18, 2014
Lightbearers 2014 ChallengeLightbearers 2014 ChallengeR Chance, Jan 11, 2014
The Importance of GodThe Importance of God's Word in our LivesErnst Nicanord, Jan 4, 2014
Prayer 101Prayer 101Oswald Becca, Dec 28, 2013
Where Is The Line to See Jesus (part 2)Where Is The Line to See Jesus (part 2)R Chance, Dec 21, 2013
Where Is The Line to See Jesus (part 1)Where Is The Line to See Jesus (part 1)R Chance, Dec 15, 2013
Communion ServiceCommunion ServiceR Chance, Dec 7, 2013
Beware of Some BlessingsBeware of Some BlessingsRandrick Chance, Nov 30, 2013
ThanksgivingThanksgivingRandrick Chance, Nov 23, 2013
State of the ChurchState of the ChurchRandrick Chance, Nov 16, 2013
Giving Thanks Will Change Your LifeGiving Thanks Will Change Your LifeKennedy Sikini, Nov 2, 2013
Get Your House in OrderGet Your House in OrderRandrick Chance, Oct 26, 2013
Hear The WordHear The WordLouis Myrthil, Oct 19, 2013
Get Your Finances in OrderGet Your Finances in OrderRandrick Chance, Oct 12, 2013
Spring CleaningSpring CleaningRandrick Chance, Oct 5, 2013
Mental HealthMental HealthKathy Johnson, Sep 28, 2013
RevelationRevelation's Final WarningRandrick Chance, Sep 21, 2013
Walk by Faith not SightWalk by Faith not SightRandrick Chance, Sep 14, 2013
ProphecyProphecyRandrick Chance, Sep 7, 2013
Joseph - Forever FaithfulJoseph - Forever FaithfulLeanne Gunn, Aug 31, 2013
GodGod's Greatest GiftHinton Hall, Aug 24, 2013
The Power of Persistent PrayersThe Power of Persistent PrayersKennedy Sikini, Aug 17, 2013
A Vision for YouA Vision for YouRandrick Chance, Aug 10, 2013
Stand And Make A DifferenceStand And Make A DifferenceCharles George, Aug 3, 2013
CommunionCommunionRandrick Chance, Jul 27, 2013
Health Day Q&A (part 2)Health Day Q&A (part 2)Dr. Linda Carney, Jul 20, 2013
Health Day Q&A (part 1)Health Day Q&A (part 1)Dr. Linda Carney, Jul 20, 2013
Healing From the Hem of His GarmentHealing From the Hem of His GarmentDr. Linda Carney, Jul 20, 2013